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TV Shows: Biography

Poster of Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Ripley's Believe It or Not! (2019)

Immersing audiences in the world of the extraordinary for a full century, Ripley's Believe It...

Poster of The Price of Fame

The Price of Fame (2018)

In the riveting series The Price of Fame, the journey to celebrity status unfolds, revealing...

Poster of The Director's Chair

The Director's Chair (2014)

Director Robert Rodriguez interviews some of the top movie directors.

Poster of Freddy Heineken

Freddy Heineken (2013)

The story of ambitious young boy Freddy Heineken and how he became one of the...

Poster of The Terrible

The Terrible (2020)

Ivan the Terrible is the most discussed Character in the Russian history. At the same...

Poster of Scandal Made Me Famous

Scandal Made Me Famous (2016)

SCANDAL MADE ME FAMOUS is a documentary series that shows the unforgettable stories that turned...

Poster of Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years

Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years (1981)

The story of Winston Churchill's life between 1929, when he lost his cabinet position, and...

Poster of Young Charlie Chaplin

Young Charlie Chaplin (1989)

The early life of Cinema's first great comedic artist is portrayed. Young Charlie is a...

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Growing Up Twisted (2010)

Follows the everyday life of Dee Snider (former frontman of Twisted Sister) and his wife...