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Ward Edmondson Filmography

Poster of House

House (2004)

It would be hard to imagine a doctor with worse bedside manner than Gregory House,...

Poster of The Office

The Office (2005)

Michael Scott is the type of middle manager who defines his life in terms of...

Poster of I Will Follow You Into the Dark

I Will Follow You Into the Dark (2012)

Story follows Sophia, who is severely depressed after the deaths of both her parents within...

Poster of Something Real and Good

Something Real and Good (2013)

A young man and woman meet by chance in an airport while waiting for a...

Poster of I Want to Get Married

I Want to Get Married (2011)

Can Paul get married in just 6 days? Paul Roll is a lovable nerd who's...

Poster of Nerve

Nerve (2011)

Josh Biggs (Tyler Langdon, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone) is a young man riddled with severe...