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Ting Wa-Chung Filmography

Poster of The Four Assassins

The Four Assassins (1975)

Four friends learn kung fu to avenge the death of their friend against the manchus.

Poster of 7-Man Army

7-Man Army (1976)

Another iconoclastic work from the action auteur Chang Cheh, and winner of Honourable Mention for...

Poster of Death Duel of the Mantis

Death Duel of the Mantis (1978)

Hsiao Hai (Wa Chung Ting) works as a servant for wealthy businessman Tin Hai Lu...

Poster of Incredible Kung Fu Mission

Incredible Kung Fu Mission (1979)

When a comrade is captured by a hostile warlord, five martial arts masters confront the...

Poster of Iron Swallow

Iron Swallow (1978)

When the Iron Swallow sets out to enforce her own deadly brand of justice, a...