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Michael Nyqvist Filmography— Page 2

Poster of Search

Search (2006)

Woman, 38, no children, no husband! Lisa wants a change of life. She starts internet-dating,...

Poster of The Girl in the Book

The Girl in the Book (2015)

The Girl in the Book charts the journey of young woman's transformation. At the outset,...

Poster of Together

Together (2000)

It is the 1970s and a group of very different individuals live together as a...

Poster of Madiba

Madiba (2017)

A landmark six-part miniseries on the life of Nelson Mandela.

Poster of As It Is in Heaven

As It Is in Heaven (2004)

Daniel is a renowned conductor, who suffered a painful childhood in his native town in...

Poster of Downloading Nancy

Downloading Nancy (2008)

Nancy is a masochist housewife and a physically and psychologically destroyed woman. She is ignored...

Poster of Mother of Mine

Mother of Mine (2005)

Fennoscandia, 1943. Nine-year-old Eero whose father is killed during the war is brought to Sweden...

Poster of You Disappear

You Disappear (2017)

Mia is married to the successful headmaster Frederik, who is caught embezzling from his own...

default poster

Beck - The Man with the Icons (1997)

A carved-up female corpse left months rotting in a lake is reconstructed by forensic doc...

Poster of Jerusalem

Jerusalem (1996)

The beginning of the 20th century. Gertrud and Ingmar are in love with each other....

Poster of Days and Nights

Days and Nights (2014)

Reckless desire wreaks havoc over Memorial Day weekend as a family confronts the volatile and...

Poster of The Black Pimpernel

The Black Pimpernel (2007)

The story about Swedish ambassador in Chile - Harald Edelstam - and his heroic actions...

Poster of The Chinese Man

The Chinese Man (2011)

A cold day in January 2006. The police make a horrible discovery in the Swedish...

Poster of Details

Details (2003)

Emma, a young author, goes to see Erik, the publishing editor whom she's sent her...

Poster of London Voodoo

London Voodoo (2004)

When a young man relocates his family from New York to London his wife discovers...

Poster of Bang Bang Orangutang

Bang Bang Orangutang (2005)

An overworked and stressed out man in the middle of his career causes the worst...