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Jane Kaczmarek Filmography

Poster of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad (2008)

Walter White is just an unappreciated science teacher who's life takes a dramatic turn when...

Poster of The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory (2007)

Physicists Sheldon and Leonard are geniuses in the field of physics, but they aren't nearly...

Poster of The Simpsons

The Simpsons (1989)

The Simpsons are a largely ordinary family, but they get into big adventures. Patriarch Homer...

Poster of Malcolm in the Middle

Malcolm in the Middle (2000)

“Malcolm in the Middle” is a sitcom about a middle child and his family. Malcolm...

Poster of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999)

“Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” follows the same process as the original “Law and...

Poster of Frasier

Frasier (1993)

Frasier moves back to Seattle to tend to his father after a work-related injury and...

Poster of Wilfred

Wilfred (2011)

Ex-lawyer Ryan suffers from depression and thoughts of suicide. He's deeply in love with his...

Poster of CHiPS

CHiPS (2017)

The hit 70s TV show comes to the big screen as Ponch and Jon ride...

Poster of Law & Order

Law & Order (1990)

Law and Order is a long-running crime drama that includes both the crime-fighting police as...

Poster of Pleasantville

Pleasantville (1998)

David and Jennifer are siblings with very different attitudes and interests. David is nerdy, obsessed...

Poster of The Ellen DeGeneres Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003)

A mix of celebrity interviews, musical performers, audience participation games, and segments spotlighting real people...

Poster of The Practice

The Practice (1997)

Bobby Donnell is the head of a struggling Boston law firm that seems to constantly...

Poster of mixed-ish

mixed-ish (2019)

Follows Bow's parents, Paul and Alicia, who are forced to move from a hippie commune...

Poster of Big Time in Hollywood, FL

Big Time in Hollywood, FL (2015)

Follows two delusional brothers, who are self-proclaimed filmmakers, as they are kicked out of their...

Poster of Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar (2008)

Former law school classmates reunite in court when they take on rival clients.

Poster of Wolves at the Door

Wolves at the Door (2016)

Four friends gather at an elegant home during the Summer of Love, 1969. Unbeknownst to...

Poster of 6 Balloons

6 Balloons (2018)

A woman (Jacobson) learns her brother (Franco) has relapsed on heroin.

Poster of The Chamber

The Chamber (1996)

Having survived the hatred and bigotry that was his Klansman grandfather's only legacy, young attorney...

Poster of Vice Versa

Vice Versa (1988)

Upon returning from a buying trip abroad for the department store he works at, a...

Poster of Falling in Love

Falling in Love (1984)

Molly, (Meryl Streep) is a beautiful housewife who is married to a doctor and lives...