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Donald Moffat Filmography— Page 3

Poster of Health

Health (1980)

A parody and satire of the U.S. political scene of the time, HealtH is set...

Poster of Through Naked Eyes

Through Naked Eyes (1983)

A musician living in an apartment building likes to check out the residents of the...

Poster of R.P.M.

R.P.M. (1970)

R.P.M. stands for (political) revolutions per minute. Anthony Quinn plays a liberal college professor at...

Poster of Is There Life Out There?

Is There Life Out There? (1994)

A young mom, with a perfect family, wants to go back and finish college to...

Poster of The Gift of Love

The Gift of Love (1978)

This is the story of two people, from totally different backgrounds and social status. The...