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Daniel Portman Filmography

Poster of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones (2011)

In the mythical land of Westeros, several families wage war against one another as a...

Poster of The Angels' Share

The Angels' Share (2012)

This bitter sweet comedy follows protagonist Robbie as he sneaks into the maternity hospital to...

Poster of Game of Thrones: The Last Watch

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch (2019)

For a year, acclaimed British filmmaker Jeanie Finlay was embedded on the set of the...

Poster of Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce (2019)

The story of the nobleman-turned-outlaw hero who was crowned king of Scots in the 14th...

Poster of The Journey

The Journey (2017)

In 2006, Northern Ireland's bloody Troubles had dragged on for decades. Now with the growing...

Poster of Outcast

Outcast (2010)

It tells the tale of Petronella (a Scottish/Romany girl) and Fergal (her mysterious Irish traveller...