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Betsy Brandt Filmography

Poster of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad (2008)

Walter White is just an unappreciated science teacher who's life takes a dramatic turn when...

Poster of NCIS

NCIS (2003)

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service has a fairly narrow purview for their jurisdiction — but...

Poster of American Dad!

American Dad! (2005)

This animated series focuses on the middle class Smith family and all of their daily...

Poster of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000)

Gil Grissom leads an overnight shift of crime scene investigators for the Las Vegas Police...

Poster of Parenthood

Parenthood (2010)

Zeke and Camille raised three children who are now grown and have families of their...

Poster of Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces (2015)

The Shorts appears on the outside to be an ordinary Los Angeles family, but that...

Poster of Fairly Legal

Fairly Legal (2011)

This series is about a lawyer who gets fed up with the legal system because...

Poster of A Million Little Things

A Million Little Things (2018)

DJ Nash has created a drama series, “A Million Little Things”, where a group of...

Poster of Magic Mike

Magic Mike (2012)

Mike has worked hard all his life and dreams of owning his own custom furniture...

Poster of Love, Victor

Love, Victor (2020)

Love, Victor follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey...

Poster of The Michael J. Fox Show

The Michael J. Fox Show (2013)

A comedy inspired by the life of Michael J. Fox.

Poster of Without a Trace

Without a Trace (2002)

As any detective can tell you, investigating missing property or deaths is comparatively easy compared...

Poster of Pearson

Pearson (2019)

Attorney Jessica Pearson enters the complex and seedy world of Chicago politics.

Poster of Soulmates

Soulmates (2020)

This takes place 15 years from now, when science makes a discovery that changes the...

Poster of The Valet

The Valet (2022)

Antonio, a divorced father, is a humble valet parking guy and is living with his...

Poster of Straight Up

Straight Up (2020)

A chance meeting brings a nearly perfect couple together in L.A., except that he's gay...

Poster of Claire in Motion

Claire in Motion (2017)

Claire is sure of herself, her work and family, until - like a bad dream...

Poster of Flint

Flint (2017)

A woman deals with the toxic water scandal in Flint, Michigan, and the effect it...

Poster of Back When We Were Grownups

Back When We Were Grownups (2004)

"Once upon a time, there was a woman who discovered that she had turned into...

Poster of Mothers of the Bride

Mothers of the Bride (2015)

Jenna is getting married, her mother is delighted until Jenna announces she wants to find...