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TV Shows: Thriller — Page 15

Poster of Aftershock: Earthquake in New York

Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999)

New York, the city that never sleeps, is trapped in a nightmare of horror and...

Poster of The Ice House

The Ice House (1997)

The peaceful, secluded, country hideaway of three diverse, lonely, supposedly lesbian, women is suddenly shattered...

Poster of Catherine Cookson's A Dinner of Herbs

Catherine Cookson's A Dinner of Herbs (2000)

A man gets killed and his woman friend agrees to take on his surviving children....

Poster of Doll House

Doll House (2014)

A girl with no home takes a seemingly perfect opportunity to move into a beautiful...

Poster of The Tower

The Tower (2010)

The tower is the highest building in modern Moscow. It is a symbol of ambition,...

Poster of Talking Evil

Talking Evil (2021)

A talk show about Evil Lives Here (2016) starring the incredible Alexis Linkletter.

Poster of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving (2019)

Computer researcher Vincent Mercier runs a company that develops cyber security software. His wife Louise,...

Poster of The Third Twin

The Third Twin (1997)

To have one identical twin is quite normal but to have two such twins is...

Poster of Nestor Burma

Nestor Burma (1991)

Nestor Burma (Guy Marchand) is a cynical private detective, a serial monogamist, and an inveterate...

Poster of The Guardians

The Guardians (1971)

In a declining England of the 1980s, the UK has broken up, and England is...

default poster

The Museum (2021)

Welsh-language drama series based around a married museum director who has an affair with a...