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Movies: War — Page 82

Poster of South Sea Woman

South Sea Woman (1953)

Marine Sergeant James O'Hearn is being tried at the San Diego Marine base for desertion,...

Poster of Baghdad Messi

Baghdad Messi (2012)

Iraq, 2009. Little Hamoudi (10) is totally obsessed with football. Just as the rest of...

Poster of Field Punishment No.1

Field Punishment No.1 (2014)

In 1916, the New Zealand Government secretly shipped 14 of the country's most outspoken conscientious...

Poster of Sealed Cargo

Sealed Cargo (1951)

During World War II, Pat Banyon's whaler sights a shell-ridden Danish four-rigger in the waters...

Poster of Modern Boy

Modern Boy (2008)

At the height of Korea's early modernization in the 1930's, LEE Hae-myung is proud to...

Poster of After Tonight

After Tonight (1933)

On the 1st of August, 1914 the booking hall of Luxembourg Station is thronged with...

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Enemies (2007)

Belorussia, summer 1942. The war has moved on, far off to the east. The life...

Poster of Coup de Grâce

Coup de Grâce (1976)

A countess' unrequited love for an army officer leads to disaster.

Poster of Battle Force

Battle Force (2012)

In the thick of WWII, the 1st Special Service Force unit is called to duty...

Poster of Son of a Lion

Son of a Lion (2007)

11 year old Niaz's father has been a Pashtun on jihad in Afghanistan. Back in...

Poster of Kabullywood

Kabullywood (2017)

A group of young Afghan artists decide to open a cultural center in the heart...

Poster of Captured

Captured (1959)

Docudrama, made for Military Intelligence, about what it was like to be a British prisoner...

Poster of The Lamp Still Burns

The Lamp Still Burns (1943)

A tribute to the important work of female nurses during World War II.

Poster of Attack: The Battle for New Britain

Attack: The Battle for New Britain (1944)

Documentary film depicting the attack by Allied forces on the Japanese strong-holds of Arawe Beach...

Poster of Doña Perfecta

Doña Perfecta (1951)

Literary adaptation: In the late 19th century a society lady takes pride in being a...

Poster of One of the Missing

One of the Missing (1968)

A Southern soldier in the American Civil War is sent to reconnoiter the enemy positions...

Poster of Seven Thunders

Seven Thunders (1957)

Escaping British prisoners of war hide out in German occupied France.

Poster of Bhuban Majhi

Bhuban Majhi (2017)

A Journey of 4 decade with love and passion. Things will arrive as certain threat...

Poster of Meet the Fleet

Meet the Fleet (1940)

Three recruits land in Navy boot camp in San Diego: Potter from Kansas, wealthy Benson...