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Superhero Movies — Page 20

Poster of Model by Day

Model by Day (1993)

Lady X is a woman who works during the day as a model but turns...

Poster of American Rescue Squad

American Rescue Squad (2015)

A group of mysterious villains known as "The Alliance" sets a trap for the Taxpayer....

Poster of Hunter X

Hunter X (2022)

A baker and his pet pug go on an adventure to kill the man who...

Poster of Stupidman

Stupidman (2006)

STUPIDMAN ambitiously traces this loveable but dimwitted super-hero's beginnings from his dramatic escape off the...

Poster of Super Hero Party Clown

Super Hero Party Clown (2012)

Eugene Stimpson is a superhero. Or, at least he plays one at birthday parties. His...