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Movies: Romance — Page 723

Poster of Dispatched

Dispatched (2014)

A cop(Jarrod Crooks)is demoted to watch his boss'(Greg Kuper)daughter(Katrina Simyab)while she is on vacation with...

Poster of Love Is Not Love

Love Is Not Love (2020)

“How many lives do you think you get to live?”

Poster of The View from Greenhaven

The View from Greenhaven (2008)

A grumpy old man living in an idyllic coastal town who can't see he has...

Poster of New Year

New Year (2011)

A coming of age comedy about a group of twenty something 'Gen Y'-ers who reunite...

default poster

Just Like The Butterfly (2022)

“Do you know what it feels like to forget the life you once had?”

Poster of A Piece of Eden

A Piece of Eden (2000)

Bob Tredici is a big-time New York City publicist who left the family far behind...

Poster of American Fango

American Fango (2017)

A coming-to-New York love story about an Italian actor who comes to New York City...

Poster of Covergirl

Covergirl (1984)

A moderately successful fashion model meets a wealthy entrepreneur who's determined to make her a...

Poster of My Valentine Girls

My Valentine Girls (2011)

A novelist is searching for a girlfriend as he writes his next book, a trilogy...

Poster of Boogie Man

Boogie Man (2018)

A British-Indian teenager struggles with his cultural heritage in modern-day London, falling for a white,...

Poster of It's All True - A Visual Album

It's All True - A Visual Album (2023)

“From award-winning singer-songwriter and actor MALINDA”

default poster

Gala & Godfrey The Classics (2016)

Once upon a time, a bad British boy met a lost American girl and they...

Poster of I Heart Doomsday

I Heart Doomsday (2011)

I Heart Doomsday is the story of the twisted and brilliant scientist, Maxillian von Max,...