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Movies: Horror — Page 629

Poster of Kiss My Ashes

Kiss My Ashes (2018)

Various eccentric misfits each play their part in fulfilling an ancient prophecy involving an evil...

Poster of The Last Buck Hunt

The Last Buck Hunt (2013)

Led by a wanna-be hunting prodigy, the hapless crew of an outdoors show hunt a...

Poster of Fever Night: AKA Band of Satanic Outsiders

Fever Night: AKA Band of Satanic Outsiders (2009)

Three young Satanists, Terry, Elliot, and Warren, perform an obscure ritual deep in the forest....

Poster of Come and Get Me

Come and Get Me (2011)

When four friends head to the city for a Girl's Night Out, an unexpected ride...

Poster of Puppy

Puppy (2007)

When a miniature viking funeral ship washes up outside a peaceful college town, nobody expects...

Poster of Enchiridion

Enchiridion (2012)

A priest is recruited by federal marshals to help deal with a vampire they've taken...

Poster of Bloodmarsh Krackoon

Bloodmarsh Krackoon (2014)

A crack addicted raccoon and its offspring terrorize a Bronx community.

Poster of Acting

Acting (2022)

“Whenever you're ready...”

Poster of Swamphead

Swamphead (2011)

An ancient relic is found at the bottom of a local lake which resurrects the...

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Anthology of Terror: Prelude (2010)

The Archivist - your tour guide through the beyond - takes you through three nightmarish...

Poster of Blood Reunion

Blood Reunion (2012)

Fifteen years ago young Janeth discovered her mother's body. Her mother, Winona, had fallen victim...