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Movies: Crime — Page 405

Poster of Caryl of the Mountains

Caryl of the Mountains (1936)

Funds are embezzled and a fur trapper is murdered. Rin Tin Tin to the rescue!

Poster of Mandrake

Mandrake (2012)

[HBO] HD. After the murder of his client, Joao Paulo Birman, Mandrake investigates and uncovers...

Poster of Slavemen

Slavemen (2017)

Takeshi is an ordinary guy who makes films. One day he gets ahold of a...

Poster of Caught

Caught (1987)

Tim Devon was born out of wedlock and that his mother never told his father...

Poster of Bis aufs Blut

Bis aufs Blut (2010)

Fresh out of juvenile prison, Tommy has sworn off the drugs. But when the going...

Poster of They Call It Murder

They Call It Murder (1971)

A small-town district attorney's saddled with several major investigations, including a gambler's murder and a...

Poster of Nightmare Best Friend

Nightmare Best Friend (2018)

At first Katy is happy to see her old friend Gina. At least until she...

Poster of Sunk into the Womb

Sunk into the Womb (2013)

A life of a mother and her two children breaking down quietly without showing any...

Poster of Public Hero Number 1

Public Hero Number 1 (1935)

A G-man goes undercover to infiltrate a gang, helping the group's leader escape from prison...

Poster of Untouchable Lawmen

Untouchable Lawmen (2015)

Jung-jin is a criminal profiler and Yoo-min is a detective. They are called to the...

Poster of Friendship

Friendship (2021)

Set in college, Friendship is an emotional saga where two friends go out of their...

Poster of Ninja Dragon

Ninja Dragon (1986)

Major figures in the ninja community are being slaughtered. 3 ninjas are trying to figure...

Poster of Stiletto

Stiletto (1969)

A rich, jet-setting playboy has a secret life: he's a professional hitman for the mob...

Poster of Sinful Davey

Sinful Davey (1969)

Davey Haggart is quite certain of his paternity (even if nobody else is) and determined...

Poster of Violated

Violated (1953)

Filmed in New York City and intended for the niche market from art houses to...